Monday, 29 March 2010

"Guess-the-Jeweller-Contest"--More hints! #1&2

What's the name of the jeweller? For details about the contest you can even see the first post about it. Please click here.

Time flies. I should name a winner on Wednesday and I don't see one yet. I may have made this contest too difficult, because my green pendant does not look like a typical item from this brand of jewellery. I am leaving two hints a day until it is time to close the contest. Here is the first one:

Hint # 1 - This was a family enterprise. His father was also a jeweller and founded the company that he and his brother worked to make world famous. Even though he employed the hand-picked talents of other craftsmen and did not work alone, it was still his ideas, inventiveness and leadership that raised the standard of quality for their products.

I'll leave another hint later today!
Alright, it time for the next clue:

Hint # 2 - His most important patrons were heads of state, royalty and the newly rich.

Happy Monday!

First Commenter: Brenda of Split Rock Ranch


Split Rock Ranch said...

Is it made by Masriera?

Ann said...

nope, still no idea. I even tried to google some different things to see if I could figure it out. No luck.

Anonymous said...

Not Cartier? They were father and 2 sons.

Then I have to go back to Faberge - he took over his fathers business and originally worked with his brother.

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