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Week 24

The candles were lit in the jack-o-lanterns that stood waiting on the top step of the porch. Candy was portioned into paper bags on a tray by the door. The door-bell rang. She glanced in the mirror. Was the make-up alright?
"Trick or treat!" they shouted as the door opened, but said no more as the black-clad witch with the lime-green face and hands held out the tray and gave each child a paper candy-bag.
"Thank you" was quickly said, if at all, as they sped away.
 Week 23 

His friend, the first mate, had pleaded with their irate captain to at least leave some provisions. "Or it will be as a certain death sentence!" he thought, eyeing the wooden crates scattered, amongst the rocks and seaweed. "But how to open them? I need the wood to make a shelter. If I had a hammer, I could open them and see what the lads have left me."
It was then that he spied a wedge-shaped rock that was both smooth and sharp and the right size for his hand. He smiled, picked it up, and started hammering at the lid of the first box.


The Scottish seaman, Alexander Selkirk (1676-1721), sailed with William Dampier on an expedition and had a falling out with his captain that lead to him being left, by his own choice, on one of the islands of Juan Fernández near Chile in 1704 and was not rescued until 1709. His true story became the inspiration for Daniel Defoe's roman Robinson Crusoe. My little SC-text has an ounce of fact and tons of fiction.



 Week 21
Now was the time for cake and song in this very musical family. The lights were  dimmed and the cake candles lit.  He had written a funny text on a 3x5-card, but he knew the words by heart. Everyone had finished singing 'Happy Birthday' and now it was his turn. He never dreamed when he blew out the candles on his cake and was ready to sing, that the sound that would come out of his mouth would be like a crow croaking!
'My voice!' he cried in falsetto. Tears ran down his ruddy cheeks and dropped onto the icing of the cake with its still smoking thirteen candles.

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