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Anna's Adornments is all about the joys of jewellery-making.This blog serves as a companion to my online shops where you can order and purchase many of the pieces of jewellery that I will be writing about here.

The texts are all entirely in English. If you would like to read my blog about jewellery-making in Swedish (with some posts translated into English), visit "Tinas Smycken". Please click here.
Det finns också en blogg bara på svenska! Besök gärna "Tinas smycken" Klicka här.
For those who would like to visit bilingual blogs with parallell texts in Swedish and English, I can recommend my cat Sara's cat- blog, Sara Katt skriver/Sara Cat writes and her jewellery/fashion-blog Glada Smycken/Happy Jewellery.

Anna's Adornments is a blog about jewellery-making and anything else that either helps or hinders my creative process.


How I do my EC-drops:

I know I have many links to drop-sites, but I don't use them very much anymore. I can't open ten sites on my computer without it complaining.
What I do is log on to EC and my blog and then go down the blogs-lists on my side bars. It's that simple. I can drop 100 some EC-cards this way and I am not cheating anyone. Then I drop on cards left on my EC-inbox and even check on some EC-categories for blogs of interest that I may have missed.
If I work methodically I may even have time to leave comments. I drop on sites that I like and that are in content and/or spirit, related to my page. I do not have a large amount of EC-credits, but I have what I need to advertise on a small scale.

Update March 26th, 2010: Thanks to winning second prize in Mariuca's contest, I have more EC-credits in which to purchase ads on other blogs than I ever have had on Entrecard before. I think I will use these to take a rest from dropping so much. I need to do other things for a while. But I'll be back! So please don't stop visiting!

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