Saturday, 9 October 2010

Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus-Week 23-'If I had a hammer...'

Saturday, October 9, 2010
Saturday Centus - If I had a hammer...

Later on October 17th: I've written two extra 'hammer-texts'.
Please see them

Jenny Matlock

Welcome to week twenty-three of Saturday Centus. I'M SO, SO, SO SORRY! One of you sent me three or four wonderful prompts that I did not save to my E-mail SC folder. I searched all my files preparing this post and can't find them. Would you mind re-sending them to me? I promise to be more responsible this time. AND Can I just say...I love SC! It is distracting and fun and funny and uplifting and thoughtful and wonderful. It remains my favorite 'read' of the week and I appreciate each and every one of you who takes time to link. STOP! If you didn't read the end SC's from last week, please take a moment to do so. Just work backwards until you find out where you left off. I feel really bad that the people at the end don't get read. Thanks! Now on to regular SC biz...In case you've forgotten... This is a themed writing meme and a different challenge this week. You can use UP to 100 words to tell your story. The prompt does not count for your 100 words AND it must be left intact in the body of your story. No illustrations are permitted. Your story can be fact or fiction, just keep it PG, please! I have to look at my Grandchildren with these eyes. You have the entire week to link your work to the meme and you can link more than one story if you like. Please display link button or just a hyper-link back to Saturday Centus. Be careful to link your SC URL to the Linky and not just link to your main blog. I would suggest that since these are so short, if you can't think of a title just use your blog name as the title in the Linky. Try to visit each one because there are some amazing writers participating in this meme. Since the links are so short they are also a fun and quick read. Please e-mail me directly with ???'s or ask your question in a comment and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

This weeks prompt is:
"If I had a hammer..."

This is my SC#23-text:


His friend, the first mate, had pleaded with their irate captain to at least leave some provisions. "Or it will be as a certain death sentence!" he thought, eyeing the wooden crates scattered, amongst the rocks and seaweed. "But how to open them? I need the wood to make a shelter. If I had a hammer, I could open them and see what the lads have left me."
It was then that he spied a wedge-shaped rock that was both smooth and sharp and the right size for his hand. He smiled, picked it up, and started hammering at the lid of the first box.


Word count using
WordCalc: 100

Best wishes,

The Scottish seaman, Alexander Selkirk (1676-1721), sailed with William Dampier on an expedition and had a falling out with his captain that lead to him being left, by his own choice, on one of the islands of Juan Fernández near Chile in 1704 and was not rescued until 1709. His true story became the inspiration for Daniel Defoe's roman Robinson Crusoe. My little SC-text has an ounce of fact and tons of fiction.

First Commenter:
Viki of Viki's Place

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Jenny Matlock

Later on October 17th: I've written two extra 'hammer-texts'.
Please see them


Viki said...

How interesting. I never heard of this before. Great Centus.

Tracy said...

Good comment well done like it not violent

Bookie said...

Very interesting Centus!

My name is PJ. said...

This could continue on as a short story or book. Nice job!

Sue said...

I always enjoy a factual base with fiction to bring it home.

Good Centus, Anna.


RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

What an interesting story based on a grain of truth. It's fascinating and creative.

Cheryl said...

Good one Anna. The dialogue rang true ~ in fact it all rang true. When I read your post script, I realized it IS all true. I like that in a post.

Terra said...

First, appreciate the info at the end! A lesson for me! Second, the writing was fab. The wonder, the resourcefulness. Great.

Ann said...

Another good one. You are quite good at this. Have you ever considered writing short stories for publication?

Anonymous said...

I like this! Would love to hear the rest of his adventures.

Anonymous said...

This is great! I love the suspense you leave us with. It could go on to be a much lengthier work.


Judie said...

ooooh, I LIKE the idea of this!

Deborah said...

I did enjoy that and I love the extra info! great SC :o)

jfb57 said...

A really 'practical' take on the post. Well done!

gautami tripathy said...

It has a great potential to be expanded!

that hammer

jeff campbell said...

This is quite first thoughts as I started were of Mutiny On the Bounty...Peace

Donna said...

Great job and love the history behind it! Thanks for a great post!!

Kat said...

You packed a great little story into 100 words! I love that you took your inspiration from fact, and wrote your own version. Great use of the prompt. Kat

Anonymous said...

From fact to fiction, liked where you took this.

Jenny said...

Oh Anna, such an imaginative trek you took us on here! I loved this clever, clever use of the prompt.

It's funny. This story felt like it was hundreds of words long because my imagination took over and filled in so many parts of the story.

Wonderful link!

Thank you!

cj Schlottman said...

I agree with so many others that this could be the beginning of a longer piece. great writing, flows well and leaves us wanting more. you're GOOD!


Tina said...

I am intruiged to know whats inside the box! :)

Tina from Mummy Diaries

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