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Two extra 'Hammer-stories' For Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus Week #23

Jenny Matlock

It is Sunday October 17th and I have already posted a text for yesterday's SC week # 24. I liked the prompt for October 9th, week 23, so much, I would like to post two more texts using the prompt "If I had a hammer..." I know that I have had the benefit of reading everyone else's texts. But I still haven't seen any texts using the prompt exactly like this. So please bear with me and let me try this. (I am linking to Saturday Centus week # 24 October 16th,

The ususal instructions are as follows:
This is a themed writing meme and a different challenge this week.
You can use UP to 100 words to tell your story. The prompt does not count for your 100 words AND it must be left intact in the body of your story. No illustrations are permitted. Your story can be fact or fiction, just keep it PG, please! I have to look at my Grandchildren with these eyes.

"If I had a hammer..."

Extra SC-text #1:

Her hobby had grown, and after two years she was making jewellery and selling it online.
"Let me see," she thought, reading the list of materials and tools in a tutorial. "Need 20 gauge silver wire, earwires and silver chain. Have already the chain-nose, two flat-nose, the round-nose pliers, the flush-cutters and even a polished steel plate instead of an anvil. I have enough beads, crystals and stones too."
Photos showed a wire-wrapping techique. "If I had a hammer, I mean a really good hammer, I could make these earrings." she concluded, eyeing the image of the chaser-hammer with a mirror-polished round and flat head.

Word-count according to WordCalc: 100

Would you like to see the tutorial that inspired this SC-text? Please go to Dana's Jewelry Design here.

Extra SC-text #2:
"He was always talking about precautions", she thought as climbed into her bunk. Being September, the tickets were cheap. The cabin was fairly high up and had a real porthole instead of a just a solid wall with curtains. But it dark and she saw nothing but blackness when she looked out.
"The glass is thick", he had said. "Hard to break, if you had to get out. But there is a special tool."
"I suppose, if I had a hammer, that special hammer, I could do it", she thought and closed her eyes and fell asleep.
She woke up in Talinn the next dag.

Word-count according to WordCalc: 100

An explanation is perhaps needed here:
MS Estonia was a cruiseferry that sank on September 28th, 1994 in the Balic Sea sailing from Stockholm, Sweden to Talinn, Estonia. It never reached Talinn. Of the 989 passengers only 138 were rescued alive. One died in hospital. Of the 852 lives that were lost, 501
Swedes, 285 Estonians, 17 Latvians, 10 Finns and 44 people of other nationalities: 1 from Belarus, 1 from Canada, 1 from France, 1 from the Netherlands, 1 from Nigeria, 1 from Ukraine, 1 from United Kingdom, 2 from Morocco, 3 from Lithuania, 5 from Denmark, 6 from Norway, 10 from Germany, 11 from Russia.
The ones that did get out, but did not survive, died of either drowning and hypothermia, (the water temperature was 10°C–11 °C/50–52 °F)

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Ann said...

Both are excellent. One prompt and yet each so different from the other.

jeff campbell said...

Well done ! Each so unique...I especially like the way you wove your work into the first story...Peace and blessings

Viki said...

These were both good additions to "if i had a hammer". I especially love the one about jewelry making. Good Centus's.

Deborah said...

Both very well done!

Jenny said...

Anna, I know you are plagued by computer issues but I'm really glad you linked these anyway. I liked both of them very much...

And I can just see a little movie of the top one in my head with you as the star!

Sorry to be so late visiting, but I'm really, really glad I got here!

They were both great reads!

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