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'The Rest of the Story' - Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus Week # 17

Jenny Matlock

WEEK 17 ASSIGNMENT: Take any other SC stories (yours or someone elses) and using ANOTHER 100 WORDS...tell us the "rest of the story". Please copy and paste the first story so we can read both entries easily. So... A 100 word story that tells the rest of any previous Saturday Centus!


Saturday Centus-Week 16
(Written Sunday August 22nd, 2010)
'What I did over my Summer Vacation'

Summer in the North is short and intense. I longed for it all winter. But when summer finally arrived, I whiled away the hours, days and weeks watching snow drops turn into tulips and daffodils, then lilies, peonies and roses. Now I see sunflowers as I pass my neighbors' gardens.

The once light nights are again black and starry. Tomorrow is the children's first day at school. And I feel sad. Next Wednesday is the first of September, and it usually feels as if a shade is pulled down over the golden light of summer. Splendor is brief.


I have a confession to make. Several commenters liked the image 'snow drops turn into tulips etc.', and took for granted that 'snow drops' meant literary drops of frozen water falling from the sky in the form of white flakes in winter. 'Snow drops' here, is me simply being very lazy and not bothering to look up what these very early white flowers are called. 'Snow drops' are called 'snowdrops' (Galanthus) in English; the first spring flowers that come up when there is still snow on the ground.
I am not so creative, as lazy, with a flawed English vocabulary.

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First Commenter:
Ann of
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Ann said...

Don't feel bad, whether it was snow drops or snowdrops it was still a lovely story. I think you have an excellent grasp of the English vocabulary. Much better in fact than many of the young people who are very limited in the words they use these days.

Anna said...

Dear Ann,
Tripple hugs to you, you wonderful blogger you!!!
Your pally,

Jenny said...

A lovely explanation of your beautiful first SC.

I envisioned those exact flowers when I read your story. I remember those dainty blossoms closely followed by the crocuses riotous purples and yellows.

Thank you for linking.

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