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Indigo - Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday - Rainbow Summer School - Rainbow Indigo

Photo Copyright Christina Wigren

Today is Thursday and time to link with Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday Rainbow Summer School. This week's colour is RAINBOW INDIGO. I have a problem with Indigo because I don't think that it is the right colour to be placed between blue and violet/purple. I agree with Prof. O. N. Rood, who writes in the article below that ultramarine would be a better choice for a blue on its way to being violet.

My first photo is a close up of a cat collar that is nylon and has a bright ultramarine blue hue. Then I would like to show some beads that are different hues: violet, purple, ultramarine, indigo and blue:

Here are some of my collection of blue-ultramarine-violet glass beads

Photo Copyright Christina Wigren

The following text is retrived from

Newton denoted by the name of "indigo" the tint of the spectrum lying between "blue" and "violet." Von Bezold, in his work on color, rejects the term, justifying his objection by observing that the pigment indigo is a much darker hue than the spectrum tint. Prof. O. N. Rood, who follows Von Bezold in rejecting the term, brings forward the further objection that the tint of the pigment indigo more nearly corresponds in hue (though it is darker) with the cyan-blue region lying between green and blue. By comparing the tints of indigo pigment, both dry and wet, with the spectrum, and by means of Maxwell’s disks, it appears that the hue of indigo is almost identical with that of Prussian blue, and certainly does not lie on the violet side of "blue." Indigo in the dry lump, if scraped, has, however, a more violet tint; but if fractured or powdered, or dissolved, its tint is distinctly greenish. Prof. Rood considers that artificial ultramarine corresponds much more nearly to the true tint of the spectrum at the point usually termed "indigo," and he therefore proposes to substitute the term "ultramarine" in its place, the color of the artificial pigment being thereby intended.

Photo Copyright Christina Wigren

Photo Copyright Christina Wigren

Photo Copyright Christina Wigren

Photo Copyright Christina Wigren

By popular demand, Lovisa the cat, has returned to help us figure out
which colour is best for this spot, indigo or ultramarine.

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First Commenter:
Rocky Mountain Woman

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Jenny Matlock


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I'm with you and the Professor, ultramarine definitely is the more appropriate choice. I love that color, aquamarine is my birthstone and I have quite a bit of it in my jewelry box.

Beautiful pics and very interesting information....

Susan Anderson said...

I knew you'd have some great beads for this color. And there are a lot of good indigo flowers, too.

Interesting read about the ultramarine.


jfb57 said...

Now on my monitor, they look blue!! Great colour isn't it to stir up so much discussion!

DSS said...

I have never heard of the color "ultramarine", but have always been a fan of indigo. After examining all of the pictures, I dare say I may be a greater fan of ultramarine :)

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Indigo...I love this gorgeous shade of blue and your items are lovely and filled with charming hues! Thanks for sharing and for your visit!

RNSANE said...

I guess, being a Libra, I'm going to have to say there's room for both colors. I think they are a little bit different and, it seems to me, indigo encompasses quite a few shades. Great post, Anna, your beads are always gorgeous.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love how you covered all the indigo bases. Great photos.

jaydubblah said...

Great post. I went musical and got out of the confrontation!

Ann said...

Whichever shade it is, if it's blue I like it :)

H said...

Love the pansies. Whatever colour that is, I want some of it!

The trouble is, if you substituted ultramarine for indigo, it would mess up the old rhyme for remembering the colours of the rainbow - Richard Of York Gave Battle ... vain? Umbrella? Under? Ultra? Undeniably?

Kat said...

I'd never heard this argument, but it does make sense. Whatever you call it though, I love the color! Beautiful photos for your post. Kat

Jo said...

is it blue, is it purple ... what is it??? the debate goes on ... i do love the images you posted!

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

refreshing indigo post.
love the brightness.

signed...bkm said...

Wonderful and those beads are so is such a beautiful color...bkm

Jenny said...

I never thought about it but I think he's right! It should be another color!

But your post should not be anything else except what this is...charming, interesting, beautiful...


I just ordered that necklace from your shop so other can drool over it but nobody can have it!

Loved my visit here today, Anna.

Thank you for linking.


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