Sunday, 15 August 2010

New listings on Etsy / This week with Entrecard - August 9th to 15th

I listed a necklace and a bracelet on my Etsy shop, parltradet, today! Hooray!

Some cool summer turquoise blue before I start stocking my shops with fall-coloured items!

Thank you for advertising with me on my Entrecard-widget from August 9th to 15th, 2010. Please visit these fine sites:

Monday, August 9th - Life's Sweets and Spices

Tuesday, August 10th - Mommy's Little Corner

Wednesday, August 11th - Moms.....check nyo

Thursday, August 12th - Grampy's World

Friday, August 13
th - Red Cat Society

Saturday August 14th - Meow diaries

Sunday August 15th - Spilt Rock Ranch

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Ann said...

Very nice. I love the turquoise blue shades.

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