Saturday, 14 August 2010

Interview your pet - Anna interviews Sara Cat

Name: Sara Cat / Sara Katt

Age: 10 (Sara had her tenth birthday June 6th)

Breed/Type:A tuxedo with a little more white that usual. My great grandmother was a Norwegian Forest Cat. There is a little Angora in my background too.

Dines on: Science Plan

Favorite treat: I'm not big on food or treats. A little piece of cheese is ok sometimes.

Occupation: Besides being cute, loveable and entertaining, I have my own blog: Sara Cat writes /Sara Katt skriver. I help Anna with her blog too.

Favorite pastime: Napping in any one of our many special sleeping places around the house. This time of year it is still nice to be out in our cat-garden behind the garage.

Best trick: I am good att fetching paper balls.

Shared trait with owner: We like to cuddle together in Annas bed. We like doing book and film reviews.

Praise from the owner: Sara is a loyal pet. She is actually very shy because she was the littlest kitten in a litter of six, four brothers and one sister. But dispite her shyness towards strangers, she is always friendly and kind to me. She never hisses at me. (Anna)

If you could change one thing about your pet: I wish she were not so afraid of the children, but I can understand why she is. She can hiss and growl at them.

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Ann of
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Ann said...

What a wonderful interview that was. So nice to know more about you Sara Cat.

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Thanks for linking up. It was nice meeting Sara Cat. Very pretty. I'm sure my cats would love napping in a garden too, but the do not get to go outside.

I'm off to read her blog now!

Jean said...

Fun post!:)

Jean said...

Fun post!:)

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Yay! You joined in on the Meme! Now Sara needs to turn around and interview you!

Lin said...

It's hard to love the kids, Sara Cat, and I get that. My kids have always been nice to Grace, but she doesn't like them either.

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