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Green means growth - Alphabe-Thursday Summer School - Rainbow Green

Photo Copyright Christina Wigren

Today is Thursday and high time to link with Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday Rainbow Summer School. This week's colour is RAINBOW GREEN. Green is a quite colour, a mixture of yellow and blue. Sometimes green needs a brighter colour like red to help it out:

Photo Copyright Christina Wigren

To see the colour green, all you have to do is find some plants. Here is a small patch of wild strawberries:

Photo Copyright Christina Wigren

According to Wikipedia 'the etymology of the word "green" is related to nature and growth.' Here are some hops growing all over a white painted wooden fence:

Photo Copyright Christina Wigren

Photo Copyright Christina Wigren

There are several green-coloured gemstones used in making jewellery:

Such as Emeralds;

Photo Copyright Wikipedia

And Chrysoprase;
Photo Copyright Fire Mountain Gems & Beads

And Peridot;
Photo Copyright Wikipedia

Peridot is a light green stone that is always the same green colour.

Photo Copyright Fire Mountain Gems & Beads

The green colour of other minerals such as Turquoise, Aventurine, Jade and Malachite, can vary. Sometimes they are not green at all.

Photo Copyright Wikipedia

Photo Copyright Wikipedia

Photo Copyright Wikipedia

Photo Copyright Wikipedia

Photo Copyright Wikipedia

I don't have much in the way of gemstones at the moment, when I am making jewellery. I would love to try making something with the soft light green of peridot gemstones. In the mean time I use green glass beads:

Photo Copyright Christina Wigren

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Christy of
Fudge Ripple

To visit other posts about the colour green, please go to Mrs. Jenny Matlock's site Off My Tangent for 'Alphabe-Thursday's Rainbow Summer School' - Rainbow Green.

Jenny Matlock


Christy said...

i do have a bit of a thing for emeralds...i only wish i could afford them! great post!

NatureGirl said...

Anna...thank you for becoming a follower. I look forward to getting to know you.

Ann said...

I love green. It may not be my favorite color but I do love it. That first picture with all those different shades is so pretty.

Jingle said...

I love the green leaves on top the best.

RNSANE said...

Nice post, Anna. I have a few nice pieces of peridot jewelry - two pairs of earrings, a lovely necklace and two bracelets. I also have several beautiful pendants which include peridot amonng the other stones. Too bad I have three least, I've now acquired a daughter-in-law but I don't think she's interested in my jewelry - some of it quite large and bulky. I love it, though.

Anna said...

Hi Christy,
Yes, I think emeralds must be really pretty. I have probably seen some at the gem collection at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. Ever been there? The last time I was there they had the Hope Diamond on display!

I agree with you. Would be fun to have some emeralds. But for now I am glad that the Czechs (and now even the Chinese) are so good at making nice glass beads.

Thanks for stopping by. You are First Commenter and get an extra link! Congrats!


Dear NatureGirl,
Welcome aboard! I think it is going to be fun reading your posts - they are intriguing little stories that really appeal to me. I am not always such a great writer, but my pictures usually are okay.

Dear Ann -- my blogging buddy!
Thanks for the comment, even though you are not doing this meme.

I like green now, but I never had anything green as a child. My mother hated the colour green (except for in the outdoors of course). Everything she had was either blue, pink or red. It has actually taken me half of my adult life to extend my range of colours when it comes to clothing and accessories. I am not putting my mother down. Everyone has the right to their opinion, but she influenced me all through my youth as far as colours for my wardrobe are concerned.
Then I took care of my maternal grandmother and discovered that she loved green! My mother was sick of her mother's greens!
Thanks for the compliment for the first photo. The truth be told, I posted that photo for Saint Patrick's Day in March. I have been so busy looking for a job etc plus domestic problems of all kinds, that I just could not take a new shot. The days are getting shorter too. I can't sneek in a photo shoot at ten p.m. the way I could in June.


Hi Jingle,
Thank you. I love the leave-beads too. These are made in the Czech Republic. I just love Czech glass beads. They have an old tradition of glass-making in that area and the quality is excellent. I would love to get lots of these and other glass leaves and make plant-jewellery! They have those leaves in many different colours and even other interesting leaf-shapes that I don't show here.
Dear Carmen,
Thank you for stopping by and leaving your always interesting thoughts. How nice that you actually have some pieces of jewellery with peridot stones, with its gentle green shade.

According to Wikipedia, the colour green is supposed to be soothing, which is why they use green for hospital robes etc. You have first-hand knowledge from your time as nurse in the operating room. (Love your stories, by the way. They go straight to the heart!)

Don't worry about your daughter-in-law, she may come around and learn to appreciate your jewellery. She's too young right now. And then, there may be a granddaughter! Write things down for her, so that she can read it when she is older; write about what you did when you wore certain pieces of jewellery or how you acquired them. Did you buy them yourself or were they gifts?

I want to read your book, and I will. But I am still looking for a job. I promised Patricia Rockwell to interview her on my blog and had to buy her book to know what I am talking about (or at least try to). It broke my budget. But I promise you that I will! Maybe I should interview you about your book? Then I'll have something to write a post about. Check out my interview with Patricia Rockwell on August 30th. Ask her questions! She has promised to be on call at the comment box. And NO COMMENT MODERATION! (Sorry about that, Carmen. I have received some strange comments and had to do that for posts older that two days.)

Let's talk more about this! I'll e-mail you.


Thank you all for visiting and leaving your kind thoughts on this post.
Best wishes,

Russell said...

I do love that first picture. I have a color perception problem. But it is gorgeous. I also love the Jade. Once again you have a wonderful post.
If you would like to try some Creole Cooking visit my new blog.

Jo said...

Wonderful green post Anna ... i do love green beads, they are just so pretty! and of course jade & emeralds!

Terra said...

Your greens are all beautiful!!! My oldest loves greens...she would love all of these beads

Lin said...

The peridot is also the August birthstone--my birthday month! I love green! Especially on smiley frogs. :)

Anonymous said...

What a nice green post. I just love all those natural greens-plants, jewels. Perfect!


Tracy said...

Hi first viv=sit love your post and blog thanks for sharing

Jenny said...

Uh oh. That is a pretty scrumptious bracelet.

I've been wearing my cherry necklace (it's actually in my new profile photo).

I love all the green photographs you shared. They gave me a brief respite from all the browns and blahs of summer in Arizona.

Thank you for linking.

I always love my visits here.


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