Friday, 20 August 2010

New avatar for my bridal shop, 'BirgittasBridal'

Did you know that I have a very tiny bridal shop on Etsy called 'BirgittasBridal'? I call it 'BirgittasBridal' after my mother. Her name is Birgitta. I thought Birgitta would be a good name to call a bridal shop because my mother and father had a long and happy marriage. She was truly a happy bride and a good wife to her husband, my brother's and my father, as long as he lived.

I am still working on the banner and avatar. Here is the avatar so far: (Yes, I know I should redo the typography here.)

I need to redo the typography on the banner, too. You can't read the tagline. I'll get to it, eventually.

Those clever folks at CraftCult have made new widgets for Etsy shops. I saw this first on Trudie Davies of Trudie Davies Design. You can see everything about your shop that you can see when you look at their site -all in a pocket-sized widget!

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Ann said...

I had no idea that you had a bridal shop. How wonderful. One of the managers at our store has a sister who's name is Birgitta.

Anna said...

Maybe they are Swedish or of Swedish descent. It depends upon the spelling though, Birgitta is the Swedish spelling of Brigit. I think there is an Irish saint Brigit. Saint Birgitta was the only Swedish saint to actually be cannonised by the Pope in Rome.

I wanted to make bridal jewelry and tiraras and little wedding crowns, but I have not gotten it 'off the ground' yet. I have only sold one item - a pair of white earrings. So this is an attempt to at least start stocking it with more items. But it's harder that the everyday jewelry that I do for'parltradet'. I've written in the word 'accessories' in case I succeed in doing something like a hat or a veil, that is more that just jewelry.

Thank you for your kind remarks.

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