Wednesday, 18 August 2010

'E is for Eagle' - Mrs. Denise Nesbitt's ABC Wednesday, round 7 - 'E'

It's time to link to Mrs. Denise Nesbitt's wonderful meme, ABC-Wednesday, round 7.
This week's letter is 'E', about which
I have elected to write a short nonsense verse :

'E is for Eagle'

E seems at first an easy letter, effortlessly effusive and endearing,

But then E becomes an echo that we everyday, constantly are hearing,

E emulates the eagle, embarking new endeavours without fearing.

E enjoys emeralds and escapades and narrow escapes, with cheering.

But then again, I may have erred, and E is as sweet as a heart-shaped earring.

Photo Copyright Christina Wigren

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First Commenter:
Roger Owen Green of
Ramblin with Roger

Please go to Roger's site and read his 'E-post'! Click on his avatar.
Roger has written a very funny and thought-provoking post called 'E is for English language'.
It's a 'must-read'!


Roger Owen Green said...

That is one ELASTIC E you've written about.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Misfit in Paradise said...

I really enjoyed all your 'e' ideas.
Thanks for participating.

Donna - ABC Wednesday

John's comments said...

Interesting range of E ideas! Hi, I'm new in town. My E is in a 50 word story called The Prince of Darkness is a gentleman

Ann said...

You're E post is everything I expected and more. Excellent!

Gramma Ann said...

What a clever way to use so many E's. It is an Excellent Example of a very nice poem.

Cheryl said...

Silliness is my favorite thing! Thanks for posting some on E day.

kat said...

i love the way you use the "E's"...

love the poem.

happy ABC Wed.

Lily Hydrangea said...

I love your beautiful earings!

Tumblewords: said...


Grampy said...

The Earrings are gorgeous. And the Eagle is a fantastic bird. I guess next to children I like animals of all sorts.
Wonderful post as usual.

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