Friday, 30 April 2010

O as in Open, Obsidian, Onyx - abc Wednesday, round 6 - O - and Alphabe-Thursday - O

Today is already Thursday (well actually it's Friday) and once again I am wondering if I will be able to post anything for the two alphabet-memes that I have been playing the past ten weeks or so. This week, both abc-Wednesday, round 6, as well as Mrs. Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday, have the letter "O". I love the letter "O" and there are so many interesting O-words.

In keeping with my ambition to choose jewellery-related words, my first O-word
is "open squares". This photo above shows some Czech pressed glass beads that I like very much. They are called "Open Squares". Here are some earrings that I made with some open squares:

This is what is looks like when I plan my earrings. I simply put the beads on brass head pins to see if I like the combination before using real sterling silver wire. Sometimes the warm browns and reds of brass and copper look so nice with some colours that I use the brass or copper instead.

My second O-word is "Obsidian" which is a volcanic glass that can be made into beads and jewellery. These beads below are made in China. I haven't decided what I will make out of them. Perhaps a necklace.

My third O-word is "Onyx", which is also a volcanic glass that is often dyed black to cover its white stripes. Here are some pieces of antique jewellery made with faceted black onyx. They were worn by my grandmother.

I wanted to include the stone "Opal", which is also used in jewellery. But I don't have any jewellery with an opal in it. So I only have three O-words this week, "Open Squares", "Obsidian" and "Onyx".
Best wishes,
Jenny Matlock

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First Commenter:
Roger Owen Green

Ramlin' with Roger


Roger Owen Green said...

I never knew they were called OPEN Squares. It's so OBVIOUS now.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

jay said...

Those open squares are most interesting, sadly I don't see how I could use them with the type of jewellery I make. Love the onyx and obsidian though!

Amanda said...

Love the faceted black onyx-- that's definitely my favorite!

Jenny said...

Oh those open squares are charming. I love them. Can you show a piece of jewelry made with them.

I am really fascinated by their different style.

Thanks for another lovely post on Alphabe-Thursday's Letter "O"!

You're doing great!


Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

A lovely assortment of "O" beads!

Maggie B said...

Very pretty beads, the open squares look like old fashioned sweets.

Steph said...

What a nice O post. I am not familiar with this kind of beads and they look so lovely when you put them together in a jewelry creation. It's neat to see how you plan them out. I like the dark obsidian and onyx too.... They just speak vintage to me.

Viki said...

I've seen those squares before but never knew the name. Interesting that onyx has white stripes and are dyed black. I always just thought they were black to begin with. That's all I've ever seen.

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