Saturday, 1 May 2010

PhotoHunt Theme # 211 - "Black"

This week's PhotoHunt Theme # 211 is "Black". The first thing I think about is my BLACK cat Cajsa, who is my first cat, born on Maj 29th, 1999, came to live with me when she was twelve weeks old and has been my special feline friend since. This is to you my sweet black kitty!
In keeping with my ambition to stick to my subject, jewellery-making I would like to show a black stretch necklace, modelled by my niece Laura:

I make these stretch chokers in two lengths: 16½ inches and 16 inches.
Where are these sold? Right here.

Happy Weekend!

First Commenter: Sparkle the Designer Cat

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Sparkle said...

A black tuxedo is always stylish, especially on a kitty!

The necklace is very pretty too (says my human).

Anna said...

Thanks Sparkle!

Duni said...

Cajsa is a very sweet cat - reminds me a lot of Sammy, except Sammy is fatter :)

The black necklace is the perfect length and how kind of your niece to 'lend her neck'!

happy weekend to you too!

Ann said...

What a pretty cat Cajsa is and your niece is a beautiful girl and makes a perfect model for the necklace.

YTSL said...

Lots of things that are pleasing to the eye over on this here blog entry! :)

Life Ramblings said...

your cat is such a cutie and your niece is pretty with or without the necklace.

Jama said...

Cute cat and the necklace sure is pretty!

Becky said...

Your kitty looks very satisfied. And the necklace is pretty, too.

Here's my take on black.

jams o donnell said...

The necklace is very stylish. Cajsa is a beauty

healingmagichands said...

Elegant cat and elegant necklace. You could have combined the two and put the necklace on the cat. . .
But would he have sat still for it? I'm sure he wouldn't have been as gorgeous as your niece is.

Come see my black cat.

Rach said...

that's a very stylish neckalce :-)

imelda said...

bith pretty black things here

Rebecca said...

I love Cajsa's shiney black fur!
ALthough I don't wear much black, I do like that necklace, it's an interesting assortment of shapes. Your niece is a beautiful girl and models the necklace perfectly!

Anna said...

Dear Duni,
I think Sammy is really nice. Cajsa can be a tough girl cat, but she has a heart of gold. She once came and rubbed her face against my when I thought I was going to loose Erik before he was born. It was as if she knew. Many people don't believe me when I say this. But it's true!

My niece liked the black necklace so much that she asked me to give it to her as her Christmas present. Of course she was allowed to keep it!
(I think I'll have to leave comments a little at a time. The children are calling!)

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