Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Ruby Tuesday: Plant-inspired red jewellery: rose hips, Part I

For this week's Ruby Tuesday I will continue to show diferent pieces of my jewellery, this time in red! It may be the wrong time of year for red, as it is no longer Valentine's Day, and Christmas is far behind us. And rose hips are not ready for picking until late summer or early fall.

But I really like these red fruits and have been trying to make pieces of jewellery that look something like rose hips. So for Ruby Tuesday I would like to explore some of the possibilities for rose hip-inspired

This red neckla
ce was first listed in my Etsy shop, "parltradet" until I decided to only sell stretch-jewellery there and moved it over to my newer Etsy shop, "Anna's Adornments".

It is supposed to look like rose hips. But does it? What do they really look like? This is jewellery and not botany, so poetic license permits a less than perfect true-to-nature interpretation. But for the sake of comparison here is a photo from last summer showing a garden variety that is plumper than the original "wild roses".

This photo shows some still greenish rose hips that are shaped somewhere in between, less plump, more round, but not as slim as the real wild roses.

And here are some shots of real rose hips in the fall. The colour of the fruits is still a bright red, but the covers have turned dark brown.

Now, what elements should I use to give the feeling of rose hips in a necklace, bracelet or a pair of earrings?

To be continued...
Happy Ruby Tuesday!


Ladyinblue said...

Mycket fina bilder, halssmycket är helt underbart.
Ha en fin kväll/Ulla

Lin said...

I think they look like rose-hips. It's cool, Anna. I like how you are writing more about your jewelry and your inspiration for pieces lately.

Anonymous said...

I can see the rose hips, but boy it looks good enough to eat! Like cherries :) Gorgeous!

janaes jewels said...

I think it is gorgeous, Anna!

♥ Kathy said...

Cool pictures :) Happy Ruby Tuesday

WillOaks Studio said...

Very nice interpretation, Ana! I think your inspirations and the results are terrific.

Mariuca said...

Happy Ruby Tuesday Anna! I am at your blog today, meow! :)

Rebecca said...

That is so beautiful! I like that it copies nature.

Ann said...

The necklace is very pretty and I think it does look like rose hips. I'm glad you showed the picture though because I had no idea what rose hips looked like :)

Cinnamon-Girl♥ said...

It's very pretty! I love how you use nature as your inspiration. I was shopping in Sears the other day and they had ruby red slippers for little girls just like those. They were so cute.

Duni said...

Hi Anna!
to me that necklace looks exactly like rose hips :)
This necklace would look so great with a nice summer dress. I think it has a 50's feel about it.
I also have a daylight lamp, but for the bigger bags I wanted to do outdoor shots. Unfortunately today is even darker than yesterday.

Anna said...

(I'll get back with each of you in turn!)
Dear Duni,
At this very moment I am posting a new meme with more jewellery. I just used a daylight reading lamp and then I corrected the colour and lighting the best I could in the computer using Office Picture Maneger. I will not use this photo for the shop. The quality is not good enough. I just want to post something with jewellery and the meme works only today. It's "E" for "EARRINGS"! I need more time and better lighting and a tripod.
Poor you, with your purses! You need to build a light-box bigg enough for larger bags!
I hope I can make a box for taking pictures och jewellery. But I don't have time today.
The children are home and I am constantly interrupted for the toilet, hot chocolate, fruit and breaking up disputes!
Gotta go!

Patti said...

Lovely necklace. It makes a nice set paired with the bracelet on this week's Ruby Tuesday post. ;-)

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