Sunday, 3 January 2010

This week with EntreCard: Thank you for advertising !

Thank you for advertising on my widget 27 December 2009 - 3 January 2010:

Sunday 27 December - Shopping
Monday 28 December - Bakatsuki Fashion And Costume
Tuesday 29 December - Gemma Stothard - My Art My Way
Wednesday 30 December - Coming Back to Life
Thursday 31 December - God's Best Gift
Friday 1 January - Parents Times
Saturday 2 January - Life's Tricky Situations
Sunday 3 January - Take a coffee break...sip slowly...

Best wishes


SANDY said...

Beautiful rose, one from your garden?


Mariuca said...

Hey sweetie! I have added ur blog to my fave EC blog list.... makes it easier for me to advertise again .. when ur price is right he he! :)

Anna said...

Dear Sandy,
Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes, this rose was one of the last ones to bloom in our garden before frost came.

When we moved to this house, the garden was there -- all ready. I have not had to plant one single tulip! So I am very grateful to my predisessors who worked to make this garden so nice.

My beloved maternal grandfather loved roses, and especially Peace-roses, which these are. He had them in his garden where they lived in Stockholm. So I think of him every time I look and smell these lovely flowers.

Dear Mariuca,
Thank you for putting my blog on your favourite blog list. I feel really honoured! Wow!

You are always welcome on my blog.
I expect that the number of advertisers may dwindle if the price goes up too high. So don't worry, come back when the price goes done. That is when I will need your support!

Hope you all are feeling better.
Hugz to you both

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