Thursday, 28 October 2010

F is for Fox - Mrs. Jenny Matlocks's Alphabe-Thursday - F

'F is for fox'

It's Thursday, well actually, it's Sunday October 31st, and I would like to revise my F-post for Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday - Round 2. Suddenly, yesterday, Saturday October 30th, I could get online with my home computer after more than a week of running to the public library to post.

Photo Copyright Christina Wigren

Thank you for visiting this meager F-post and I hope you will come back to see what I had originally thought of writing about.
What I wrote earlier here:"This week's letter is 'F', which has fabulous possibilities. But since I am posting from the Public Library I will keep this short and sweet:" does no longer apply. But still, my F-word is FOX.
Here are some little foxes that I found at my daughter's preschool/kindergarten:

Photo Copyright Christina Wigren

I would have liked to have wrtten a poem or a story about foxes for this post. But the letter F will come again. Next time I will be better prepared. I would like to talk about a mystery novel with an unusual slant. It is a novel where foxes get a word in. Take a look at Rita Mae Brown's mystery novel Outfoxed.

Rita Mae Brown has written a whole series of mysteries starting with this first novel with the fun title, Outfoxed, where foxes, dogs, horses, birds and even a cat work together to solve the murder of a member of the hunt club. The hunt club is the small world into which the reader is drawn and will try to guess who the killer is. Instead of closed chambers, the setting is the outside landscape of the Virginia countryside, and the human characters are on horseback (when they have not fallen off ). And since the author, Ms. Brown is an accomplished horsewomen, there is a lot to be learned about horses, hounds, riding and foxhunting as it is practiced in Virginia. (It makes me wish I could ride!)

The dogs and foxes can talk and understand each other. The horses too. But They don't talk directly to their humans. They tell the humans what they know about the murder without uttering a word directly to them. A fun book to read if you like a good mystery.
Thank you for visiting.

(Sara Cat wanted to do this review. Sorry Sara, you can do the next review!)

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Natasha said...

Your post was short, sweet, to the point and Fabulous!

Best wishes,

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Fabulous Fox Foto!

RedTedArt said...

Indeed Ffffffabulous Fox!!!


Anonymous said...


Jen said...

Love the public library!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I have posted from the library too. The posts were short and sweet just like yours.

Pondside said...

We don't see foxes around here - just coyotes, and they are not at all pretty. That fox is very pretty!

RNSANE said...

Sly as a fox but very pretty, too, Anna. Have a wonderful weekend to come!!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

We see foxes around here fairly often, they are so beautiful and graceful!

Great photo..

Sue said...

What a beautiful fox! Never realized before what a perfect fall animal a fox is.


Judie said...

There is a very old film from the 60's called The Fox. It stars Sandy Dennis, who is now dead. Keir Doullet also starred in it. I hope I spelled his name right. It was an excellent and ground-breaking film.

Ann said...

well that is a fine photo of a fox and very fitting for the post.

Jackie said...

like a fox on the run haha!

Duni said...

I've always been fascinated by the fox!
Since you're using the computer at the public library I assume yours is at the workshop being fixed again?

Jingle said...

love fox the word.

Francisca said...

Fox is a Fine F post, and you did a Fabulous review of the mystery story OutFoxed. [I can relate to your 'puter woes, having some grief with mine too. To reformat or not to reformat, that is the awful question! I hope you're past it all.]

Splendid Little Stars said...

Fun and Fine Foxy post! cute little stuffed animals!
Speaking of foxes, I have seen a fox or 2 in my own backyard!

Jackie said...

Hi Anna , I'm glad your computer is running now and you don't have to go to the library just to post. Those plush foxs' are cute and my favorite fox poem is from Aesops Fables :The Fox and the Crow . I had so many ideas for the letter F too and I posted aesops fable here aside from alphabe thursday if you wish to stop by again . No worries and Happy Halloween ! thanks for participating in alphabe thursday .

RedTedArt said...

:-) your f-post wasn't meagre!! We all have "Better" and "Less good" posts.. inspiration (and computer access) doesn't always allow ....

But thumbs up for updating!!!!

(Red Ted Art)

Pondside said...

I love Rita Mae Brown! Her books about Virginia hunt country take me back to our days in PA hunt country, when the Malvern Hunt went right through our property - now that was exciting!

Jingle said...

love these fox images,
way too cool.

RNSANE said...

Anna, dear, this was an excellent review! However, when I celebrated my 66th birthday and inventoried all the unread books I have in my house, I resolved to finish them before I ever buy a new one. I'm sticking by that and, unless I can find one in the library, that resolution holds.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Hi Anna,

Thanks for stopping by and for your touching comment. Hang in there and try and stay positive!



La said...

Outfoxed sounds like a good read. Sorry you are having computer problems. F is for Frustrating technology. :o) La

Tracy said...

I so hate it when I see foxes on the side of the road, I know they are vermin but so cute . loved your post

Jenny said...

You are silly.

This is not a meager F post. This was a fabulous F post! Love those stuffed animals and how you tied the books in!

I really enjoyed my stop here today and it was just perfect.

Thank you for linking to Alphabe-Thursday!

You are a fantastic person!


Jingle said...

u did super well.
Thanks for letting me know your work.

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