Sunday, 22 August 2010

Saturday Centus Week 16-What I did over my Summer Vacation

Jenny Matlock

Saturday Centus-Week 16
(Written Sunday August 22nd, 2010)
'What I did over my Summer Vacation'

Summer in the North is short and intense. I longed for it all winter. But when summer finally arrived, I whiled away the hours, days and weeks watching snow drops turn into tulips and daffodils, then lilies, peonies and roses. Now I see sunflowers as I pass my neighbors' gardens.

The once light nights are again black and starry. Tomorrow is the children's first day at school. And I feel sad. Next Wednesday is the first of September, and it usually feels as if a shade is pulled down over the golden light of summer. Splendor is brief.

This is the first time I am participaring in Saturday Centus.
Best wishes,

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Ann of
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Ann said...

I've never heard of this meme, is this a new one?
I like the line "it feels as if a shade is pulled down over the golden light of summer" It does feel that way. Summer went by far to quickly, so many things I wanted to do and never got around to

Anna said...

Dear Ann,
This is a new meme for me. So far, this is the first time I have been able to do the assignment. You have to use exactly 100 words. Sometimes the prompt is to be included in the text. But this time it is just the title.
I have tried writing a couple times before, but this is the first time I got the right number of words. This one is supposed to be written in the first person and to be either fact or fiction.

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your kind words. This was not an easy meme for me. I am better at making pictures. Here, in this particular meme, we are not supposed to used photos or images at all. Just the label.

I really like Jenny Matlock's memes. She is a very clever and sweet person and goes around an comments on every single participant' post. It takes her three days to comment on all of the 'Alphabe-Thursday'-posts. She reads carefully and always leaves thoughtful and appropriate remarks. I have learned alot from her.


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

This really hits home with me. I feel like I was cheated out of this summer by family issues and an injury....

Love it!

Terra said...

Anna I am so glad you joined in. I am a winter gal myself so I am longing wishing hoping for the leaves to fall and the snow to blow in...but school also starts for us this week...Kindergarten and 6th grade....I can not even begin to describe how I am feeling about that...

cj Schlottman said...

Yes, splendor is all too often brief. I love your analogy of snow drops becoming flowers. Powerful imagery! Good to have you at SC!


Cheryl said...

Welcome to SC! Glad you decided to give it a shot. Fun, isn't it?

You did a great job describing exactly what it feels like living in the north when the light disappears much too soon.


Well, it is my first week too. I enjoyed yours.

Jen said...

Summer does indeed fly by. I must admit that your statement about September 1st elicited a surprised WHAAAT? that had me goggling at the calender (where did August go?? Sheesh :o)

Kat said...

Beautifully written Anna! I am a summer gal too, and even though our summer is longer than yours, I know what you mean about it seeming too fleeting. Welcome to SC!

Tracy said...

love it

Sue said...

Beautiful job, Anna. I'm sure the shortened summers there are all the more sweet.


Viki said...

Great descriptions in your Centus talking about winter, summer and fall. Good job.

RockiBottom said...

So beautiful and emotional. So sad to say goodbye to summer.

jeff campbell said...

Wonderfully written...snow drops to! Peace and blessings

Jenny said...


Oh I was surprised to see you link to SC!

And what a wonderful link you shared.

I like visualizing where you live...and I loved this line:
watching snow drops turn into tulips

Anna, unless it specifies you can use any word count UP TO 100. I just like to change it sometimes and make everyone complain! ha!

Thanks for linking.

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