Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Ruby Tuesday - New Red Jewellery

Today is Tuesday. I haven't participated in Ruby Tuesday for several months, so it is fun to present some new pieces of jewellery with touches of red! I've made three stretch-bracelets with warm reds and orange-coloured glass beads.

This first bracelet is pretty simple: Nine 20mm cat's eye coins with small round orange Czech glass beads as spacers.

My next stretch-bracelet is a happy-go-lucky mix of firey yellows and red-orange glass beads.

And finally, with my third bracelet made with true ruby-red glass beads, I can participate in the Ruby Tuesday meme.

Thank you for visiting!

Best wishes,

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Kramer said...

Red, backlit beads....

Ann said...

Very pretty bracelets. That second one is awesome

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like the orange bracelets!

Anna said...

Hi Kramer,
Nice to meet you! I see that you have noticed the different ways of lighting glass beaded jewellery!
Since you are the first commenter you get an extra link.
Dear Ann,
Thanks for your input here. I think the second one is best of these three. I will probably list just this bracelet for now. Unfortunately, I don't have any more of those big oval amber yellow-orangey crackle glass beads. But I still have contact with the woman who sold them. So I am going to see if I can buy more from her. If she does, I'd like to make a matching necklace.
I will most likely redo the third ruby red bracelet. I am not completely happy with it, even though it is a good length for most women (8 inches or 22,2cm).
Dear Grace,
Thanks for the compliment! I think the orange bracelets are more ready to list in the shop than the red one. The red bracelet needs some more work. Unfortunately I have glued the knot on that bracelet. Which means that I will have to cut the cord to restring it. I am thinking of getting a bead reamer to unclog beads that I have glued by mistake!
Thank you all for visiting!
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Anna - I simply love the true ruby glass bracelet! Would have looked gorgeous with my dresses :)

I came down WV via 1-77, so I think I totally missed your mother and brother. Still, it was enough mountains for me :)

Anna said...

Thanks for your kind words about the ruby bracelet. I've redone it thanks to you! Otherwise I may have just abandonned it alltogether.

I've looked on the map. You're right. You missed us!

Best wishes,

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