Tuesday, 3 August 2010

C is for Cats - ABC-Wednesday, Round 7 - C

My very first cat, Cajsa, born 1991.
She hopped onto my bed this morning and lay down on my tummy and purred. Nice alarm-clock?

It's time for Mrs. Nesbitt's ABC-Wednesday, Round 7, and this week the challenge is the letter 'C'. My C-word is Cat or Cats. In case anyone hasn't noticed, I really like cats. I have three cats and the children want to adopt two more! This first photo is my very first cat, Cajsa, who is eleven years old. So I never had a cat as a child. I got my first cat as an adult. Cajsa is part Norwegian Forest Cat and part Angora.

I think cats are beautiful animals. I like images of cats, even toys. Here is a wooden puzzle with three cats painted on it, that I bought for the children:

My husband was against me getting my first cat, but he rescued a kitten that was trapped under the roof of a root-cellar on our farm. This kitten became his special friend, Calle Cat:

When you have a special interest, you are more likely to notice images in your surroundings that relate to your interest. Here is a sign with two cats on it, for no special reason than to be a nice decoration for this farm:

Cats are beautiful. I bought a chair for my son because it had a pattern with cats on it. Now that we have two children, I wish I had purchased two! Yes, the cats like to sit in it too.

One very snowy, windy day in February two years ago, a red kitten came wandering into the garden on the farm. My son Erik found her and took her inside to warm up. We named her Anna-Lisa after my grandmother and a girl in a movie* about a group of children that wander in a snowstorm looking for shelter. My sister-in-law took her in permanently because my husband put a limit at three cats in our household. This is a recent photo of Anna-Lisa, as a grown cat.

This is Anna-Lisa

Lin, of 'Duck and Wheel With String' left this comment on Calle Cat's blog:

Do you know what is cuter than a red cat??? RED KITTENS!!! Hooray! How very exciting to have two stripey kittens!! Give them a big smoochie from Aunt Lin. :)

This is Nils:

This is Anna Mathilda

Lin knows what she's talking about. Here is her cat Hobbes, who is co-blogger with Calle on The Red Cat Society, our blog.

Photo copyright Lin of Duck and Wheel With String

Hmmm... Am I missing someone? Of course, my little blogging cat, Sara of Sara Cat writes / Sara Katt skriver:

Thank you for visiting!
Best wishes,
Purrs from Cajsa, Calle, Anna-Lisa, Nils, Anna Matilda and Sara Cat

First Commenter:
of Lovely Purses

To see more interesting posts about C-words, please click here to go to ABC Wednesday, with thanks to Mrs Nesbitt and others who work to maintain this wonderful meme.

* The movie in question was Barnen från Frostmofjället (1945), after a novel by Laura Fitinghoff (1848-1908) from 1907. Seven orphaned children avoid being sent to the poor house, by making their way on foot in a snowstorm in the 1860's years of famine in Sweden. The oldest brother takes care of his younger siblings through their travels, looking for shelter and new families. One of his sisters, Anna-Lisa, wins the hearts of a couple who had just lost their daughter to an unnamed illness, by singing to and comforting their only surviving child, a son, who is also battling the same illness. Their daughter's name was also 'Anna-Lisa'.
The children love this very serious black-and-white film. I cannot see it without shedding tears.


Duni said...

I just LOVED this C-post!!! I like things with a cat theme: I have several items in my kitchen with cats on them, I have cat figurines and a cat bag. I adore your chair!
I also think kittens of all colours and types are adorable. I can watch cats for hours...

Tanvi said...

Hi...I see your obvious liking for cats... Here's one post of mine that you might be able to relate to. :)


Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see u there soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Those kitten pics are adorable. I'm a real fan of cats so this was a treat. :)

Ann said...

Thanks for visiting.

Your first cat must be a great old dame now. It is funny how your husband didn't like cats and then rescuing and keeping one.

May be I will try that one my husband. he is dead against cats.

My older daughter used to make jewellery with pearls and crystals.

Gramma Ann said...

How great to see another Cat lover use the word Cat on C week. And along with being Cat lovers we share the same name, my name is Anna also. But, I mostly go by Ann, somewhere along the way I lost the last A. Thanks for sharing such a Cute post today with us.

Anonymous said...

The cat chair is awesome, I think I'd be afraid to sit in it though, for fear I might squash a live one - guess s/he'd let me know quick enough :)

Anna Mathilda is so, so cute!

Jean said...

I love that chair! Cats are special critters. Your Sara does look like my Bobo.:)

Ann said...

I'm a sucker for a cute kitten face but then puppies have the same effect on me. Most likely any little animal would :)

nonizamboni said...

What a beautiful collection of cats, each with their own different faces and story. Thoroughly enjoyed your C's!

anthonynorth said...

Great pics - and I love that chair.

Roger Owen Green said...

Your first cat reminds me of MY first cat, Peterm, who we had for 6 yrs when I was a kid.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Carver said...

Great post for the letter C. I enjoyed seeing all the cats in your life and fun seeing cats cropping up in chairs and signs.

Rajesh said...

Great captures. Cat is cute.

Luckaa said...

Nice C post. Cats are so cute - especialy Anna Mathilda :) It must be baby...

Reader Wil said...

Oh Anna! How adorable! We had once found three kittens in a cardboard box. We had to bottle feed them every two hours, as they were about ten days old. The one who looked like your Sara was called Frigga and one of the others was called Freya as we just came back from Norway. The third one died after two days.
Thank you for your visit. Yes culture is part of a civilisation. But culture can be found in a very primitive civilisation. I have never ever learnt the difference but discussed it with several people. Anyway it interests me.Thank you about your view of the subject.

Anonymous said...

There are few things more adorable than kittens! Your kitties and cats are very cute. And, no truer statement than the old saying, "dogs have masters, and cats have staff." We currently have 5 living under our roof. Two are College Grad's and 3 are Army Wife's!

Leslie: said...

Although I am more of a "dog person," these cats are really cute. The first one looks like one that comes walking along our back fence and suns on top of our shed. Thanks for visiting and leaving all your lovely comments. :D

ChrisJ said...

Oh my! Heart melting! And I LOVE that chair. I make up for my 'kitten hunger ' by helping out at the shelter. They have some beautiful cats too. Not many red ones though. A winning entry in ABC Wednesday as far as I'm concerned!

Lin said...

Oh, Anna! Thank you for mentioning me and Hobbes! I'm grateful for our kitties because they brought us together in friendship! :) I LOVE your kitty photos and those kittens are ADORABLE!!

Gattina said...

The C was really THE letter for both of us ! I also had my first cat as an adult. As a child I wasn't allowed to have a pet. Now they are four and in my house too everything is "cat" even the Toilet brush holder, lol and I have a cat collection of over 450 cats (counted by Mr. G, retired of course, lol)

Tumblewords: said...

A charming collection of CAT. Great photos and fun narrative.

Dhemz said...

awesome entry....I would love to have a cat, but my dog hates cats....lol!

thanks for dropping by...great to be here!

☺lani☺ said...

Wow, a lot of cats collection! Great Shots for C.

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