Sunday, 7 March 2010

This week with Entrecard: Many thanks to blogging friends

Please visit these fine sites that have
been on my widget this past week:

Monday March 1st - Maitri's Heart

Tuesday March 2nd - Yummy-as-can-be

Wednesday March 3rd - Split Rock Ranch

Thursday March 4th - Fes-t'hoTu!

Friday March 5th - Entrecard Solver

Saturday March 6th - TheJunk Drawer

Sunday March 7th - Ann's Snap Edit Scrap

Thank you for advertising
on my widget
this past week.
Welcome back!
Best wishes,


First Commenter: Ann


Ann said...

Yeah I made the list. Thanks for the mention. I haven't been doing too much advertising lately but occasionally go on a spree and buy ads.

Lin said...

Such fine blogs! I still visit them. :)

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