Thursday, 12 November 2009

Thursday's plant-watch: Elderberries

You may remember how green the elderberries [sv. = fläder, lat. Sambucus nigra] were in September.

Most berries look like beads and pearls, so I am looking for sources of inspiration for jewellery here.

See the change in colour? It's November now and the berries themselves are a very dark, blackish, blueish purple.

The birds eat the berries or they fall off, so the reddish stems are more visiable.

Is it possible to do something with these colours or am I being too literal?
Well, we'll see a little later what I do with this!


PJ said...

i think those colors are beautiful and will make a gorgeous piece! looking forward to see what you do with this.

have a great day...hugz!

Marlaine said...

Those elderberries make fabulous wine! That's what I'd be doing with them!

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