Saturday, 24 October 2009

Saturday's PhotoHunt Theme #184 "Tied"

This week's PhotoHunt theme is "Tied". This is a rag-rug woven by a good friend of mine, Boyan Carlsson, who lived in Lunger, outside of Arboga, Sweden.

We have many of her handwoven rag-rugs in our home.
They are all finished with knots that are tied.


RJ Flamingo said...

I really admire that kind of creativity - beautiful work (and perfect for the theme!)

Have a great weekend!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

that was a good entry and yes one does have to admire the hard work and patience WOW and you flower picture in the previous post are very nice as well.

marta said...

Beautiful work on the rug especially the tied fringe. I think the fringe adds a lot to these rugs and both of your pictures show them beautifully.

Alice Audrey said...

I tried leaving the knots off a few woven projects. Not a good idea.

A. @ A Changing Life said...

Beautiful rugs, just the sort of thing I'd love to have.

Daisy said...

I'll bet it takes a long time to make something like that! We could not think of anything for the "tied" theme this week.

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