Monday, 26 October 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday # 41

This is the first time I post something for Mellow Yellow Monday. I really like the colour yellow, so I don't understand why I haven't done this before. And autumn is the perfect season for YELLOW.



Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Leaves turning yellow,
sure signs of autumn and frost—
time to bundle up!

My Mellow Yellow

Mimi said...

Hello Anna.
I like your shot, with all the shades of gold and yellow, and I saw a tiny pink flower peeking out when I enlarged the shot.
Mine's up too. Happy MYM!

Lin said...

Isn't fall great for yellows??? It seems like the colors here this year are so much more vibrant. Apparently the trees like the cold and rainy weather. Ick.

Sue said...

I usually play Mellow Yellow Monday, but haven't so far today. But those are some pretty yellow flowers you posted for yours. :)

jakill said...

Lovely yellow leaves against the background of your yellow fence. I love yellow wood. Next year we'll be painting the fence and the shed in our new garden. My favourite colour for that is Harvest gold, which is pretty yellow.

Irene said...

Welcome to a colorful meme. It's amazing how much yellow there is around. such a happy colour.

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