Saturday, 7 August 2010

PhotoHunt #225 - 'Colorful'

This week's PhotoHunt Theme # 225 is 'Colorful'. Here are some photos that I find colourful: A Peace rose. Or my daughter Elisabet with a bouquet roses in different colours.

A close-up of Elisabet with her multi-coloured roses.

Flowers are not the only things that are colourful. My son Erik asked me to take him to a toy store to show me items that he liked, in case I needed to buy him a present for a special occasion, such as a birthday or name's day. At the toy store there is colour everywhere. The shelves are bright red for these action-figures from a popular children's film.

And here is a whole wall full of of small skateboard and bicycle models. Erik was careful to point out exactly which model he liked best.

We move on to a bin of glass marbles. Erik was not interested in marbles at this time, but was kind enough to pose for my picture. I finally found something that really fits the bill for this challenge:

Muli-coloured glass marbles sold by weight!

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Happy Weekend!

First Commenter:
Jean of
The Joy of Bird Watching and Living a Simple Life


Jean said...

I love the Peace Rose...but your children are so dang cute and quite colorful.:)
Sorry you have had some strange comments.:(

Annesphamily said...

These are wonderful colorful photos! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us. Happy weekend!

BeadedTail said...

Those roses are beautiful and look at all those marbles! Your kids are so cute!

Ann said...

Love the picture of Elisabet with her bouquet of colorful roses. Just look at all that color in the toy store too.

Furkidsmom said...

Those are all great examples of Colorful!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

YTSL said...

All great choices and Erik might not like the colored marbles but I have great childhood memories of playing marble games with my grandmother. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, cool marble display! Sold by weight...very cool :)

Pretty Things said...

WOAH, look at all those marbles! I'd have to have one of each!

Grampy said...

I am a rose nut so I just fell in love with that Peace Rose. But what I like even more is children. I adore yours.
I hope you are not still getting crazy comments. Just zap them. That is what I do. Don't let it bother you.
You would have to keep me out of the toy store. My wife has to be with me any time I go in one. That is so she can rescue me.
Have a wonderful weekend.

noel said...


i like your interpretation of this weeks them, those are very colorful
flowers and marbles, its easy to find color with children, don't you think?

my colorful interpretation is on my sari blog today, hope you take a look

And Miles To Go... said...

what beautiful choices for today's theme!

Alice Audrey said...

So much color I'm overwhelmed, especially by the store pictures. The rose is gorgeous.

TorAa said...

You just gave me a happy moment with these wonderful photos.
They spread joy and pleasure and positivism.

Tack för at du delar disse vackre bilder.

The Rose is wonderful.

jams o donnell said...

A beautiful rose and two cute kids. Perfect take on the theme!

Anonymous said...

I collect old marbles. Some can be quite expensive (and valuable). I love the rose!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

So that's what that rose is called. I've always thought of peace as being the color white. But, I think that color of joy makes more sense. I've enjoyed all the colors you've shared. :-)
Su-sieee! Mac
This and That. Here and There. Now, Sometimes Then.

Sue said...

Your daughter (and her flowers) are just lovely. And your son is a good sport posing for you in the toy store.

I love all of those marbles!


Anna said...

Hi Jean,
You are first commenter and get a free link!
When I first started blogging and applied to join Entrecard I got a lot of good advice and moral support from Abby, who is Daisy's 'Mommeh' of 'Daisy the Curly Cat'. (If you have not visited Daisy's blog, please do so. It is wonderful!)
Well, anyway. I asked her what to do about unpleasant comments. She said that she uses Comment Moderation after two days and still has to remove lots of bad comments every day. So I take them for what they are. Mostly it's just spam. But a couple of weeks ago I got a really creepy comment, that I cannot describe here. Write me an e-mail and I'll tell you about it.
Thanks for visiting. I think I left a comment on you blog. You have a wonderful blog.
Dear Sharla,
Thanks for commenting on my children. Yes, I love them very much. But they are growing up so quickly! I take so many pictures of them partly to force myself to see the subtle changes in them, in order to help me accept this and to help them in a way that suits their needs right now.
I love visiting your furbabies. But somehow I always miss a day or two with drops and never get to be on the top-dropper-list!
Maybe next month!
Thanks for commenting on my posts as much as you do too.
Dear Ann,
Yes, I love these pictures of Elisabet too. Its only a year later and you can see the small changes in her now.
I love toys and toystores! Even if I am critical of certain kinds of toys and culture for children.
Thanks, by the way, for being such a faithful commenter. Thanks to you, I don't have many posts with at least one little comment. It makes blogging worth the effort!
Furkidsmom Thank you for stopping by. I am feeling a little guilty about my cat Sara's blog. She really needs some help getting her posts out. I see her sitting at the computer pecking away with her paws. It takes time for her to write. And yet she generously shares her contacts from the catblogophere with me on my jewellery blog!
Your kitties are adorable!
The childhood memories of adults often help the sale of a lot of toys. I think earlier generations children had to deal with the lack of playthings in a way that made them creative. My children do not get everything that they point to. Erik and I left that toystore with only the electronic images in the camera and nothing else.

My mother never played with us. It was my older brother Nils (same name as the new kitten) who taught me how to play with marbles, play checkers, even play chess! Toys have meaning if there is memory attached to them. Thanks for sharing your childhood memory about marbles.(Erik has already some marbles at home, so that was why it was not no interesting. I think he is satisfied with his marble collection now.)
Alterity Art
Dear Lisa,
Thanks for stopping by. I was really tired yesterday when I left a comment on your post about your brother. And your beautiful tribute with the song made be very sad and weepy. But that doesn't help you! In future, I will try to leave comments when I am more well-rested.
Time to take a break here, folks!

trudie said...

The rose is beautiful and all the color...i am smiling:)

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