Thursday, 5 August 2010

Erik, eight, has grown this past year.

This is my son, Erik, with his new permanent teeth and a somewhat new jacket.

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Kat of Mom's Place



kat said...

handsome his smile....

thanks for the comment Anna...i didn't know that you are from Sweden. I was there in Vasteras City two months ago and now we are applying for residence permit here in the Philippines and we are going to have an interview on Sept. 7. Wish me luck for i love your very peaceful country.

Ann said...

They grow way too fast. That's a great picture and he sure looks happy

BeadedTail said...

He certainly is growing up and has a wonderful smile! Cute photo!

Lin said...

He's really growing up, Anna!

Jean said...

Erik is looking good in that cool jacket!

Annelie said...

En härlig bild, så typiskt "8-årigt"!

Grampy said...

You can see Erik is very proud of those permanent teeth. Looking Good. I like the Jacket also.

Anna said...

Hi Kat, Good luck with you interview. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. It may seem a little scary to be interviewed, but just be your best self and it will work out.
I will be going to interviews myself soon!! I need to find a job! But the employment office people have been very helpful.
Hi Ann, I know. But you can't stop the clock. That's why I try to take pictures of the children. I am a little sad that I had so little help taking pictures of the children when they were babies. That period juat zipped by me.
I also think of the march of time when I think of my mother. Daddy passed away four years ago, so I wonder how long we will have her...
@Beaded Tail
Hi Sharla,
Thank you. Yes, and I am trying to help him perserve his smile. A family friend of ours had to have almost all of his teeth removed, and get dentures. So I am trying to teach Erik to brush his teeth and take care of them.
Hi Lin, Yes I know! I was looking at your children's pictures on your blog yesterday. Your daughter is so pretty and even if your son is a little shy, he is quite handsome. I know that you and Joe must be very proud of them!
Hi Jean, Erik likes his jacket. His father gave it to him. The zipper is PURPLE! Can you imagine that? So I am wondering if I can use it for Mrs. Matlock's Rainbow Summer School for the colour Violet in a few weeks. You have to plan ahead with these memes if you have a six and eight year old to think about. I have already taken ome shots for yellow, green and blue!
Hej Annelie!
Jo, visst är han det! Mitt hjärta! Min stora kärlek! Det är Erik och Elisabet. Men Erik är faktiskt snällare mot mig än Elisabet. Elisabet kan bli jätte arg på mig.
Det är väl åldern just nu.
Hi Russ,
Yes, Erik is proud of his new look, but it comes with a responsibility that I think he is not always so happy about. Sometimes he tells me that he wishes that he could go back in time and be a baby again. Yes, he has actually said this! (Read my comment to Beaded Tail.)
Wow! Seven comments, and this was not even a meme, but just a personal post on family life! Thank you all so much for taking the time to comment!

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