Monday, 12 July 2010

This week with Entrecard July 5th to 11th

It's been really hot the last few days.
So the children are outside more doing all sorts of fun things like blowing bubbles!
We wish you a happy summer full of fun outdoors!

Thank you for advertising with me on my Entrecard-widget this
past week, from July 5th to July 11th. Please visit these fine sites:

Monday, July 5th - In My Red Heels

Tuesday, July 6th - Split Rock Ranch

Wednesday, July 7th - Grampy's World

Thursday, July 8th - Scarborough Seashells

Friday, July
9th - Juicie Julz

Saturday July 10th - Alterity Art

Sunday, July 11th - Trudie Davies Design

Best wishes,


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Ann said...

I haven't blown bubbles in years. I walked by some in the store the other day and thought about buying some for a Seriously I did think about it. Elisabet looks like she's having fun

Anna said...

Thanks for stopping by Ann!

Elisabet has gotten very good at blowing really big bubbles. There is an art to everything, even bubble-blowing!!


Duni said...

Elisabet looks very cute blowing bubbles.

It is amazingly hot here too. And then yesterday we had an awful storm...but today it's back to HOT.

Russ said...

Christina Thank You for the linky. Elisabet sure is a pretty one. Looks like you have a real bubble blowing champ on your hands. Maya loves them also.

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