Monday, 19 July 2010

This week with Entrecard July 12 to 18th 2010

Now that Calle Cat has moved to the farm, there is so much more work to do on our web pages! Whew!

Thank you for advertising with me on my Entrecard-widget this
past week,
from July 12th to July 18th. Please visit these fine sites:

Monday, July 12th - Moms check nyo

Tuesday, July 13th - The Modern Mom

Wednesday, July 14th - Yummy as can be

Thursday, July 15th - Take a Coffee Break...

Friday, July
16th - The Red Cat Society

Saturday July 17th - Sara Cat writes

Sunday, July 18th - Mommy's Little Corner

Best wishes,


First Commenter:

Ann of Ann's Snap Edit & Scrap


Ann said...

a cat's work is never done is it? :)

Anna said...

So true, so true...

Russ said...

Anna there is always so much to do on our blogs. One thing after another.After I leave here I am going to go over and see Ann. Find out why she is up so early. Always beats me for first Commenter.LOL

Anna said...

Dear Russ,
Ann is very often my first commenter because I thnk she starts early in the morning before she goes to work or early in the afternoon when she comes home from work. I am just guessing, but I think she goes early to work and comes home earlier than most people from her job.

I used to work part time at a bakery many years ago, and the baker was always up really really early. But I am not really sure what it is Ann does in her daily life. I think she is the manger and runs the whole thing, which is quite a big responsibility. As I recall, Ann had some posts about the bakery a while back. Perhaps it was these two posts?

Ann's Bakery

Ann's Work as Bakery Manager

Please correct me, if I am wrong!

Best wishes to you both!

Anna said...

The one link does not seem to work. Try this one:

Ann's Work as Bakery Manager

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