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"N" as in Nuts, Nuggets and Necklaces! - abc-Wednesday, Round 6 / Alphabe-Thursday

"N" as in Nuts, Nuggets and Necklaces!

It's Wednesday today (well, actually it's Thursday in this part of the world) and time to continue our stroll through the alphabet. This week, both abc-Wednesday, round 6, as well as Mrs. Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday, have the letter "N".

My N-words are Nuts, Nuggets and Necklaces! Just above this text, we have a hazelnut that Elisabet is holding in her hand. Hazelnuts are edible and even good to eat, but are not used in making jewellery, so let us continue to the next nut, which is the betelnut. Here is a string of betelnuts that could be used to make a piece of jewellery:

My second N-word is Nuggets. Within jewellery-making Nuggets are small to medium-sized, irregularlly-shaped chips of stone or glass that are polished, drilled and strung.
Here are some Autumn Jasper Nuggets :

My third N-word is Necklace! You can make all kinds of necklaces with nuggets and beads. Here are a couple of necklaces made of the Jasper Nuggets mixed with glass beads and freshwater pearls:

You can make necklaces in different colours and materials:

Did you know that necklaces have different names depending upon their length? The different names for necklaces are "Choker", "Matinee", "Opera", "Princess", and "Rope". They are not N-words, but fun to know. This information with illustrations is from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' "Jewelry Maker's Library" and "EnclycloBEADia":

Choker - A tight-fitting necklace that is worn close to the base of the neck. May be plain or with pendants or ornamentation. Measures 16 to 18 inches. (40,7cm to 45,7cm.)

Matinee-length - A single-strand necklace ranging from 20 to 25 inches in length.
(51cm to 63,5cm.)

Opera-length - An especially long strand necklace. Length is 26 to 36 inches. (66,1cm to 91,5cm.)

Princess Length - A 17- to 19-inch length necklace. (43,2cm to 48,3cm.)

Rope Necklace - A long, single-strand continuous necklace, 37 inches or longer. (94cm or longer.)

My beaded necklace below is Matinee-length: (Or is it? Now that I see this photo here, it almost looks more like a Princess-length, or perhaps something in between?)

These pictures showing the different necklace-lengths were borrowed from this page here. (For those that use the metric system, I have added the approximate lengths in centimetres.)
Best wishes,

Jenny Matlock

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First Commenter:Vicki of Vicki's Place


Viki said...

This is so cool. I never knew there were different names for the length of necklaces. Very interesting.

RNSANE said...

I know, sometime in the past, I read about the varying names for the different necklace lengths ( I
think in the eternities ago when I
was considering a strand of pearls ). Wouldn't I have loved to buy opera length pearls!

Thanks for the very informative post, Anna. I enjoyed it very much.

Roger Owen Green said...

I knew about choker, which made it sound rather undesirable, I must say.

Really like the musical score backgrounds. What's the tune?

ROG, ABC Wednesday

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I always learn something new on Alphabet Thursday. Thanks for sharing!

laterg8r said...

love the name/length idea, never heard of it before :D

Tracy said...

I love those necklaces

Ann said...

I love those nuggets, so pretty. I knew about a choker but I had no idea there were names for other lengths of necklaces. Very interesting.

Jo said...

Wonderful N post, i learned so much from you today ... and those nuggets really add visual and interest to a necklace!

Jenny said...

I had no idea there were so many names for necklace lengths.

Those little stone necklaces are gorgeous.

Thanks for a beautiful stop on my journey through Alphabe-Thursday's Letter "N"!


Julie Schuler said...

I didn't know about the names of lengths, either. I'll have to tell my husband, he makes chainmaille, but he doesn't know the fancy names.

Christy said...

I like how you worked from nuts to the necklaces. I didn't know all the names. May come in handy if I ever go shopping for pearls!

WillOaks Studio said...

Wow, "N" was really just the letter for you!! What a fun-filled post with lots to look at!!

daniela said...

Vilket härligt N-bidrag :) Vad duktig och kreativ du är med dina halsband.

Leslie: said...

Wonderful post - and thanks for dropping by mine. My daughter makes necklaces, too, and has given me a few. I really like your made of nuggets in the brownish tones. :D

Rebecca said...

The betelnuts are really beautiful, I had no idea they looked like that. Very interesting about the names of the necklaces, I probably would never know anything about them if I hadn't read it here!

Melinda Cornish said...

I love the princess length necklaces....I love hazelnuts too...yummm....Elisabet is a doll.......

Duni said...

Those 'nuggets' look fantastic. I like pieces with interesting shapes in them.
Also, thank you for sharing the information on necklace length names. I knew some, but not all. I guess my preferred length for everyday would be princess-length, while the opera-length is more for a night out!

happy weekend!

Jen said...

What a fun post! Your necklaces are terrific (and I just love those natural stones :o)

earn money at home said...

How creative. You do have a flair to create something from nothing. Very neat. I also try to be creative in my business of personalized party favors. You have just inspired me to add a little nature into my designs as well.

Dawn said...

Great N pictures!

Found you through ABC Wednesday. I'm hoping to participate when I get my camera back from the shop tomorrow.

Love your jewelry!

Petula said...

Love the necklaces and how they fit the title!

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