Sunday, 28 February 2010

Thanks to February's top-droppers & Advertisers on my widget

Forgive me for doing this the easy way, while I try to catch up on the time I missed when my modem was broken in January.

First, I would like to thank everyone who took the time to write cheery comments when I could hardly write anything at all on this blog! Here I would like to thank all those who dropped EC-cards on my widget the last 31 days and especially those tirelessly loyal top ten droppers for the month of February. Please visit these interesting webpages:

Dropper # of drops
My gypsygoods 31
Ruth's Creations 30
Sparkle 30
CAP News 30
A Rose By Name 29
Pure Natural Diva 28
The Junk Drawer 27
anns snap edit scrap 25
Grampys World 23
BeadedTail 22

And now I would like to thank everyone who had an ad for EC-credits on my widget during the month of February. Please visit also these fine sites:

February 1st - Three Fates Design
February 2nd - Kitchen Retro
February 3rd - Freight Forwarding Quantumindonesia
February 4th - Steampunk Jewelry Rings
February 5th - Mariucas Perfume Gallery
February 6th - Meow Diaries
February 7th - Margie & Edna
February 8th - Nature's Beauty and Fury in Pictures
February 9th - Living the Gourmet
February 10th - Lehigh Valley Horse Farms
February 11th - Ann's Snap Edit Scrap
February 12th - Kitchen Retro
February 13th - Parent Times
February 14th - Seek No More
February 15th - Stories in Life
February 16th - Meow Diaries
February 17th - Syrian Alaandotcom
February 18th - Entertainment and Fashion Galore
February 19th - Maitri's Heart
February 20th - West of Mars
February 21st - Duck & Wheel with String
February 22nd - Mariuca's Perfume Gallery
February 23rd - Alterity Button Jewelry and Gifts
February 24th - All Stace All the Time
February 25th - The Junk Drawer
February 26th - Discover Kitch and Retro
February 27th - Laane Loves
February 28th - The Maaaaa of Pricilla

Thank you all for not giving up on me during a difficult time when my posts were not more than short messages sent from the public library about not being able to get on line. Tomorrow is the first of March and I already feel that spring is in the air! I wish you health & happiness whereever you live around the world!
Best wishes,

First Commenter: Mariuca
Meow Diaries
Wishing on a Falling Star


Mariuca said...

Hi Anna! :)

Yay, I see my blogs on you list... wow both of them advertised twice last month but no sign of my main blog! Will have to rectify dat this month, hugs! :)

Anna said...

Hooray! You are first commenter on that post!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the shout-out for the advertising! Cheers!

Mariuca said...

Oh yay me, thanks so much Anna, sweet surprise for me to see all three blogs here and my dolly too, hugs!! :)

Ann said...

thanks so much for the mention. It's always a pleasure stopping by. I don't think anyone will mind how you did the post I think it looks like a lot of work putting in all those links.

Anna said...

Dear Ann,
Your kind words make the effort worth it. It did take some time to put in the links and make sure that they all work. What I meant is that I had to make a very long list instead of just having seven badges for a week of advertisers. This was the only way I could do it quickly so that I only have to thank seven bloggers this coming Sunday and give them each a link with their EC-badge. Not everyone has a badge. Bloggers that are first commenters and not members of Entrecard often do not have one, so I just link their name to their site.
The idea that you can thank advertisers and give them an extra link is not mine. I have learned a lot from Clara Drummond of "Coming Back to Life" and "My Meme Mania". This is one of her special features that I have borrowed for Anna's blog. Now that even Sara Cat has joined EC, I will help hear give extra purrs to her widget-advertisers.
Thanks for stopping by! You've made my day!

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