Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Wordless Wednesday: December 2nd - Frost!

Today is Wednesday, December second, and freezing cold after a period of a couple of weeks or so of warmer weather.

The Advent's Calender, that is made like a quit and has pockets for all the days before Christmas, is up.

The outside temperature is minus two point three degrees Centigrade (approximately 27 degrees Farenheit).

Elisabet has conviced me that she is not well enough to go to preschool.

Happy Wordless Wednesday!
Wordless Wednesday
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Julie@Momspective said...

That's great! Happy Holidays and have a great Wordless Wednesday!

Keisha said...

Hi! That is very cold. Please stay snuggled up in a blanket. :)

Tina said...

the weather is depressing isnt it! only thing good about it is building snowmans lol

Tina from
Gossip Avenue
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Lin said...

We have an advent calendar with pockets too, and the kids still LOVE to put the little ornaments on the tree. And yes, they are 14 and 17.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Brrrr...the cold is the part I don't like about winter. This past week it has been as low as -9 F but I don't know what that is in C. The high one day was 16 F. We got several inches of snow and it isn't melting because it hasn't gotten above freezing all week long. Stay warm!

lareine said...

It's really winter now in your corner. I think Elisabet would rather stay warm in bed than go to school freezing :).

Like Tina said, one good thing about winter and below zero degree temperatures are snow... and of course, the holiday sseason :)

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