Thursday, 19 November 2009

Thursday's plant watch: Mountain ash / Rowan (Swedish/sv: rönn / Latin: sorbus)

Once again, I am out looking at the gardens of my neighbours. As always, I'm hoping to find something that will help me make a pretty piece of jewellery.

Along this nearby street is a row of mountain ash trees.

I find the appearance of these trees to be very strange. The trees have shed their leaves and yet the clusters of rowanberries hang from the branches like red parachutists falling from the sky! What shall I say?

It seems that not all red berries lend themselves well as inspiration for jewellery!

There is something ominous and foreboding about the image of these trees. We got our swine-flu-shots yesterday and both Elisabet and Erik are feeling poorly today.

Happy Thursday anyway!


PJ said...

that is cool that the berries are still hanging on when the leaves have fallen. i hope that your little ones get to feeling better soon. have a great day...hugz!

Vixen said...

What an interesting looking tree. Hope the kids feel better soon.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

I saw these trees for the first time about a month ago at our local botanical gardens. They are unique to say the least. For me I think they are beautiful. I love trees of all kinds.

I hope your children feel better soon.

Anna said...

Dear PJ, Vixen & Poetic Shutterbug,
Thanks for looking in! Erik and Elisabet got a mild reaction to the swine-flu shots, but they are feeling better now. Thank you for thinking about them. That which is actually "ominous and forboding" in our lives, is something that I will return to at a later date.

As far as the mountain ash is concerned, I agree with Poetic Shutterbug, that they are beautiful and I really do love trees of all kinds too. Thank you for pointing that out Poetic Shutterbug!

It's been grey and rainy for several days and the light from the overcast sky gives the scene a "gothic" feeling. Actually the flu-shots will hopefully prevent us from being really, really unwell! So I am grateful to the town of Norrkoping for giving all school children and one parent in each family this preventive medicine.

Two years ago I got an "ordinary" flu and was not well for several months. It just wandered around my body starting with my stomach, then throat and larnyx (I couldn't talk!), lungs and sinuses! After that I am willing to take any vaccination that is offered.

But as fall as inspiration for jewellery, the bright red rose hip has more to offer.
We'll see what I come up with!

Hugs and best wishes from

Anna said...

Dear Vixen,
I made a copy of your pumpkin pie receipe for myself ("I Had A Wife And Couldn't Keep Her" Nov 3rd) The pumpkin season is over for us here in the north, but I want to try it next year.
I gave "Allotments 4 you" [] (who lives in the UK) a link to you pumpkin pie recipe since she asked for advice about what to do with pumpkins. But it's probably too late for her to use it this year.

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