Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Ruby Tuesday - animal-shaped, manufactured products

For this week's Ruby Tuesday Meme I have chosen the sub-theme "Ruby Tuesday - animal shaped, manufactured products" which means red, man-made objects that look something like different animals. I have two examples of this:

The first one is a red mouse-mat in the form of a cat. (Do you see the tell-tale cat-hairs? This is a mouse mat used by a real cat!):

The second is an up-dated version of the well-known Swedish design "kobra-telephone", which does look a little like a snake or is indeed "cobra-inspired".

There's the brand-name descretely place behind the ear-part. And it's the right colour for today's ruby-meme.

"It's for you," Elisabet says and hands me the kobra-phone.
It looks big when she holds it, doesn't it? Not a bad Christmas gift? The colour is right. It was very posh when this design was new. This revival model has push buttons and a display, that I have not yet figured out how to use.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!


fickleinpink said...

great RED post!

come and visit my place if you have the time!


Dorothy said...

What a different kind of post for red my favorite color and of course Dorothy which is my real name.

Dorothy from grammology

Quilt Works said...

Hi Anna, Yes, I can tell the difference! It is loaded faster! I would experiment with cutting it down to 1 week. Now it is faster than before, but still a bit slower than an average page. Have you seen a tool that evaluate the speed of loading the page and gives recommendations? This way you can try different layouts and compare them using this tool. Good luck!

Anne said...

I love the mouse-mat! Although the cats already try to sit on my computer so why offer them anything to encourage it?

marcia@joyismygoal said...

brilliant reds so bright

Raven said...

Cool phone... and very cute secretary. The cat mat is cute too.

BeadedTail said...

Cute cat mat! What a great phone!

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