Friday, 27 November 2009

Friday Plant-Watch: Update on orpine-cuttings

Many of you may recall that for Wordless Wednesday on November 11th, I posted pictures of these cuttings of orpine or livelong (kärleksört) that I was given by friendly neighbours who live in the row of houses behind ours.

Today, I can report that the cuttings are sprouting shoots under water in the vases that I put then in.

Hopefully these will turn into roots so I can plant them.
Happy Friday!


Lin said...

Is that sedum? It looks like it. If it is, you won't need to wait for it to root, you can just break off a stem and stick it right in the ground and it will root itself! Sorry I didn't tell you this before.

Anna said...

Thanks Lin! Silly me, I was just doing what they suggested. But I'll try to plant them and see if it works!

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