Sunday, 18 October 2009

Catching up with unfinished business: the give-away-winner

The winner of Anna's necklace-give-away from the 18th of september is Jackie@3littleones. But everyone who left a comment before the close of the contest will be able to purchase a necklace from parltradet, one of Anna's online shops, with a 20% discount off the list price and half off on the cost of shipping. Congratulations to Jackie, the winner of the necklace, and to all who will recieve a discount in my shop if they wish to purchase a necklace of their choice:

Del Alfonso

(This offer lasts only until November 30, 2009. I will e-mail everyone about how to order his or her necklace in order to get the right discount. You can already start looking at the shop, but please wait for instructions before ordering.)
Best wishes from Anna

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